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Speech-Language Pathology and Therapy


Our speech-language pathologist addresses speech perception, vocal production, swallowing difficulties, language and cognitive needs through evaluation and therapy. Services are provided in the hospital, in both inpatient and outpatient settings and at the Cumberland Healthcare Turtle Lake Center, Prairie Farm and Rice Lake locations.

Common treatments range from physical strengthening exercises, instructive or repetitive practice or drills, the use of audiovisual aids and the introduction of strategies to facilitate functional communication, such as sign language or the use of picture symbols.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, please contact Cumberland Healthcare Rehabilitation Services at any of our following locations:

  • Cumberland Healthcare Rehabilitation Services, 1110 Seventh Avenue, Cumberland, WI 54829, 715-822-7300 
  • Cumberland Healthcare – Turtle Lake Center, 632 US Highway 8, Turtle Lake, WI 54889, 715-986-2022
  • Cumberland Healthcare – Laker Center, School District of Turtle Lake, 205 N. Oak Street, Turtle Lake, WI 54889, 715-986-2022
  • Cumberland Healthcare – Panther Center, School District of Prairie Farm, 630 River Avenue South, Prairie Farm, WI, 54762, 715-822-7312
  • Cumberland Healthcare – Rice Lake Center, 4Ever Fit, 1895 20 ½ , Rice Lake, WI 54868, 715-736-0055