Dinner with a Purpose

Cumberland Healthcare announces the Foundation’s 6th Annual Dinner “With a Purpose.”  Our purpose this year is to raise funds for Bio fire equipment used in our Laboratory Department.  This is a state-of-the-art molecular laboratory instrument used to help diagnose certain conditions and disease faster and with better accuracy. “Bio fire utilizes the very latest in technology by using DNA enhancement and amplification to give us exactly what organisms, virus or bacteria that might be creating the problem. The clinician will receive more accurate information in about 1 hour of lab time”, said Greg Leach, Laboratory Manager.

The quick results can reduce the length of hospital stays and get the patient on the correct treatment much sooner which can, in turn, reduce the overall cost of care.

The panels that Bio fire will be used for are:

  • Meningitis/Encephalitis Panel
  • Gastrointestinal Panel
  • Upper Respiratory Panel
  • Blood Culture Panel

The Cumberland Healthcare Foundation has pledged $45,000 for this equipment in their upcoming campaigns over the next few years.  The first year of fundraising is complete, and we begin the 2nd year.  The Dinner with a Purpose Fundraising event is Friday, February 1, 2019.  This technology until recently has only been available in larger institutions. Cumberland Healthcare is very fortunate to acquire this revolutionary technology.  This technology will be expanding into other areas of lab testing, and our patients can access it today!

Cumberland Healthcare is an independent, nonprofit, community-based rural healthcare facility providing a full spectrum of services to all ages.

With your help, we can raise valuable funds for the Cumberland Healthcare Foundation. Thank you for your continued support keeping healthcare local.