Patient Testimonials


Our Patients Say It Best

At Cumberland Healthcare patient satisfaction comes first. Nothing makes us happier when our patients share their positive stories and experiences with us.

“Having a sick child is always stressful for a parent.  When you are unable to determine the exact cause or an immediate resolution, it’s even worse.  I often joke that my daughter, Jaidan, is a bundle of symptoms and no diagnosis.  This results in lots of trial, error, success, and more trial.

On Monday, July 24th, a month of “not feeling just right” came to a head with her throwing up blood while walking downstairs.  We brought her into the Cumberland ER, where nurse Kate and  PA Nikki got to work.  With a medical history such as Jaidan’s, intake can be an interesting experience.  Thankfully being part of a community like Cumberland means the staff you meet in the ER are probably familiar with you, so the explanations become easier.

What impressed me the most was Nikki, who I don’t recall meeting before, seemed very knowledgeable of many of Jaidan’s symptoms, how they may be interacting, and what tests should probably be run to rule out anything more serious.  That ultimately identified extremely low sodium and hemoglobin levels that needed to be addressed.

The decision was made to transfer Jaidan to St. Paul Children’s for testing that could not be done at Cumberland Hospital.  While ending up in the PICU was not what we had planned for the day, it did provide us a unique opportunity. 

Four years ago, Jaidan spent four months at St. Paul Children’s and Gillette Children’s.  When she left the PICU after 24 days, she was not able to sit, talk or walk.  She was being transferred via lift from bed to wheelchair, and no real prognosis given as specialists were still uncertain exactly what happened.  From the PICU, we transferred to the Med-Surg floor, where we spent another 25 days before being released from Children’s to Gillette Rehab for nine weeks of in-patient rehab.   When we left St. Paul Children’s, she was starting to be able to transfer from bed to wheelchair with multiple people helping for support.  She left Children’s still not able to walk or communicate on her own.

When we got to the PICU, we were met by one of the doctors and two of the nurses that remembered her from before…and they were shocked by what they saw.  They could not believe how far she had come from when they last saw her.  While in a wheelchair for the trip, she was able to transfer to the bed on her own accord and chatted up a storm with everyone who came in.  They all wanted to know about her rehab and recovery in the last four years, and I had a blast bragging about the amazing medical team and therapists we had at our service in Cumberland.

The week we spent at Children’s was full of me hearing praises of the medical and rehab team we have comprised locally for Jaidan.  From the initial tests ordered by Nikki to the amazing IV stick nurse Kate did that lasted an entire week (nurses were singing her praises hourly) to the rehab team that has helped her get to where she is today, I couldn’t have been more proud to be affiliated with Cumberland Healthcare.

I don’t know that people always recognize how lucky we are that for a town the size of Cumberland, we have a medical clinic, hospital, and therapy department that could easily be compared to many larger cities.  I have seen firsthand the results that come from having this service and the people available to us”.

 – Jeannie Nugent, Cumberland, WI

“I’ve always thought that we were very fortunate to have such an outstanding healthcare facility in our community, but after a traumatic accident I was involved in, I am certain. While climbing down from a ladder, I fell on the concrete and landed on my head. From the ambulance ride to my time in Cumberland Healthcare’s Emergency Room, the care I received was top notch. What I appreciate the most was that when it was determined that I needed more specialized care for my traumatic injuries, I was quickly airlifted to a facility that was able to treat me. I spent 12 days at another healthcare facility and then returned to Cumberland Healthcare, where I spent two days in the hospital. After my experience, I can say that the personal hometown care I received was second to none at Cumberland Healthcare.

     – Foster Bridger, Cumberland, WI


Receiving physical and occupational therapy treatments at Cumberland Healthcare has changed my life for the better. The Rehabilitation Staff is very encouraging, accommodating and knowledgeable. When I‘ve been faced with a challenge, they have come up with new and creative ways to help me regain my mobility. The staff treats me with respect and kindness and has helped me to become more independent. There is no better place to receive therapy than with Cumberland Healthcare Rehabilitation Services.”

    – Gary Hausdorf, Cumberland, WI


“I recently moved my medical care to Cumberland Healthcare and am so glad I made the change. From day one, Dr. Lingen, Darlene Paffel, medical assistant for Dr. Lingen, and the front desk staff have been incredibly kind, courteous and professional. I appreciate how they always take the time to follow-up with me. When I come to Cumberland Healthcare I feel very special and welcomed. I am so glad I made the move.

    – Colleen Leuschner, Comstock, WI


“I thank Amy Brenna in physical therapy at Cumberland Healthcare for my ‘outstanding’ results, following total knee replacement.”    

    – Glenn E. Kolb, Cumberland, WI


What Our Patients Are Saying About Us

At Cumberland Healthcare, we constantly strive to improve the quality of care for our patients. One way we do this is by surveying patients after they receive care at Cumberland Healthcare, below are comments that were shared directly from our patients.

“The best in Wisconsin!”

“We are lucky to have Cumberland Healthcare in Cumberland.”

“Caring, compassionate staff.”

“I was very pleased with the care I received on the day of my procedure. I knew I was in good hands. I felt comfortable and relaxed. Everyone was so nice and caring.”

“My whole experience was excellent from the minute I arrived to the minute I left.”

“Was unsure how a vacationing visitor would be received at the facility but was pleasantly surprised with courtesy and care.”

“Nurses, housekeepers, dietary, and therapist staff asked visitors if they could get anything to make them more comfortable.”