Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

Medicare covers a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit every year. You may receive an Annual Wellness visit after you have been with Medicare for more than one year or at least one year since your “Welcome to Medicare” visit. These are covered yearly as long as it has been at least 366 days since your previous Medicare Annual Wellness Visit.

An Annual Wellness Visit is not the same as what many people call their yearly physical exam. Medicare is very specific about what the Annual Wellness Visit includes and excludes.

At the Annual Wellness Visit, your provider will review your health risk assessment and current medical history, screen you for depression and memory loss, and determine your functional ability and level of safety. You will be provided with a personalized prevention plan to keep you healthy. The visit does not include a comprehensive physical exam, discussion, or testing regarding any new or current medical problems, conditions, or medications. You may schedule another visit to address those issues, or your provider may charge the usual Medicare fees for services beyond the Medicare Annual Wellness visit scope.

We encourage you to be familiar with your insurance plan policy and coverage. Please refer to the following codes when discussing coverage with your insurance provider.

First Annual Wellness Visit = G0438

Subsequent Annual Wellness Visit = F0439


Please bring the following:

What’s Included?

At your welcome and wellness visits, you will get a general picture of your health and learn how to improve or maintain your well-being. Expect your provider to:

  • Check your blood pressure
  • Measure your height and weight
  • Ask about your medical history, medications, and medical equipment
  • Review your health risk factors
  • See if you have symptoms of depression or memory loss
  • Talk about safety, injury prevention, and your ability to do daily tasks
  • Tell about other preventative services covered by Medicare
  • Develop a plan to help you improve or protect your health

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