Functional Capacity Evaluation

Cumberland Healthcare Rehabilitation Services uses the ErgoScience functional capacity evaluation (FCE) model to serve our patients best. Katie Jensen, PTA, LAT, and Ashley Knutson, DPT, LAT, are certified and trained to complete functional capacity evaluations (FCE).

The Physical Work Performance Evaluation (PWPE) is a specialized FCE for determining an individual’s physical capacities and functional abilities for work. The PWPE matches human performance levels to a specific work activity or occupation demands. The PWPE is useful in determining job placement, job accommodation, or if an individual can safely return to work after injury or illness. FCEs can also provide objective information regarding functional workability. 

A Functional Capacity Evaluation may be used to determine the following:

  • An individual’s ability to safely return to work full-time or on modified duty
  • The extent or the degree of physical disability for compensation purposes
  • The potential ability to perform work following acute rehabilitation or a work-hardening/work-conditioning program

Cumberland Healthcare works with your healthcare provider and employer’s case manager to determine your physical work abilities. 

If you have questions or would like to schedule a Functional Capacity Evaluation, please call Cumberland Healthcare Rehabilitation Services at 715-822-7300 or fax information to 715-822-7301.