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Occupational Health

Cumberland Healthcare’s occupational health specialists serve businesses by helping them control healthcare costs by offering various work-related medical services. We partner with employers of all sizes to provide prompt treatment for work-related injuries, rehabilitation, job-safety and health education services, health regulation services, and injury prevention programs. Our team of physicians, therapists, and support staff provide the latest in occupational care and health management with the goal of helping every employee increase their health and safety on the job.

Our occupational health specialists provide:

  • Quicker, more cost-effective alternatives for non-emergent injuries
  • A very strong stay-at-work or return-to-work philosophy
  • A medical provider that is on-duty during all hours of clinic operation for immediate treatment of injuries or illness
  • Prompt treatment with open communication between the employer and medical provider
  • A dedicated on-site services team that brings services to you

To make an appointment, call Cumberland Healthcare Rehabilitation Services at 715-822-7300 or the Cumberland Healthcare Medical Clinic at 715-822-7500.  You may also fax information to 715-822-7301.