Cumberland Healthcare offers Telehealth services to connect with providers. Telehealth includes a variety of methods to deliver virtual medicine, health, and education services using secure video conferencing. Video conferencing (telehealth) allows providers and patients to communicate more completely, even from long distances.

Cumberland Healthcare can also connect to specialists that are in other facilities to help with assessing and determining a plan of care, as well as facilitating a transfer to another facility if higher-level services are needed. Telehealth is especially helpful in an Emergency when someone has had a stroke or a large burn. Telehealth equipment allows the providers in the room to connect with specialists who can control the camera and monitor to see the patient and people in the room while conversing with those providing and receiving care. Cumberland Healthcare uses Bluetooth and wired devices like a stethoscope, otoscope, and dermascope, allowing distant providers to hear heart and lung sounds or see the inner ear with your local provider. This kind of communication allows local providers to collaborate with various specialists to deliver advanced care quickly.

Cumberland Healthcare is seeing patients for the following services: clinic and specialty clinic visits, wound care, oncology/infusion, nutrition, counseling, and rehabilitation services. To schedule an appointment with one of our providers or for questions, please call 715-822-7500.