Swing Bed

What is Swing Bed?

Swing Bed services are a stop before home where patients can receive the continued care they need while recovering from an illness or surgery. 24-hour skilled nursing staff provides care to help patients return home safely and with confidence. 

How do I Qualify?

Swing Bed is a Medicare program that allows patients to extend their hospital stay, giving them more time to improve and regain better health before returning home.

  • Must have a three-night inpatient hospital stay at any acute hospital within the last 30 days.
  • Insurance authorization
  • Skilled nursing needs or rehabilitation services Some examples are daily IV antibiotics, wound cares, and rehabilitation services.

When is Swing Bed Used?

  • Following recoveries from major surgery, i.e., hip or knee surgery, abdominal or vascular surgery
  • Rehabilitation following a stroke
  • Pain Control Management
  • Wound Care Management
  • Special Nutritional Dietary Needs
  • Specialized IV Therapies

Why Should You Choose Cumberland Healthcare?

Cumberland Healthcare meets your needs by providing high-quality medical treatment, caring, and compassionate nursing care, combined with rehabilitation expertise. Your swing bed team consists of nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, registered dietician, pharmacy, and discharge planner.

  • Nursing: Provides recovery, care, pain management and education
  • Physical Therapy: Provides rehabilitation and helps build patients mobility, strength and confidence
  • Occupational Therapy: Focuses on activities of daily living like dressing, bathing, and feeding self
  • Speech Therapy: Help with communication skills, reading, memory, and safe swallowing
  • Registered Dietician: Works with the individual to provide education on dietary needs or a faster recovery
  • Pharmacy: Works with medical team to meet medication needs
  • Discharge Planner: Helps families and patients find additional services and community resources

Cumberland Healthcare is dedicated to keeping you close to your home, family, and friends. Cumberland Healthcare is:

  • An approved swing bed provider
  • Covered by your Medicare private insurance benefits
  • A full-service, acute care facility with personalized nursing care and a low patient-to-nurse ratio

Cumberland Healthcare provides skilled nursing with rehabilitation to help our patients reach their maximum potential for doing well and returning home on their own, stronger and safer. Our patients receive specialized care and recuperate in a caring and personalized environment. Patients can expect to increase activity daily, up for meals, and dressed for the day. Our caring and friendly staff are here to support and encourage each patient to meet individual goals and needs to maximize a successful transition to home.

What Happens When Discharged From Swing Bed?

The Discharge Planner will arrange and coordinate the need for medical equipment at home, home care nursing, hospice, meals-on-wheels, housekeeping, Lifeline, transportation assistance, etc. All the services and equipment needs will be in place for when the patient returns home.

Occupational Therapy is available for home visits with patients and family before discharge. The therapist can make recommendations for changes needed to make a safer environment in the home.

Ask your healthcare provider for more information.


Contact our Discharge Planner at 715-822-7416 or ask your healthcare provider about admission to a swing bed.