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Manage your health care 24/7

Patient Portal is a secure, online health management tool that allows Cumberland Healthcare patients to manage their health care 24/7. This information includes:

  • View upcoming appointments
  • View lab results
  • Pay or view your bills
  • Send messages to your health care team
  • Speed up your registration process with Self Check-In*
    • *Self Check-In allows you to complete your health forms and registration. You must still register at the desk upon arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account?

The patient portal is available for patients and their family members interested in this feature. If you’re a current Cumberland Healthcare patient, call 715-822-7500 or talk to your health care team at your next appointment for assistance in setting up your online patient portal account.

What happens if I register and do not receive an email?

The likely reason for this is that your email was not entered correctly. Please call Cumberland Healthcare at 715-822-7500 to verify your email address. If the address is incorrect, staff will update it and resend the email to you.

What if there is information missing within the patient portal’s “Summary of Care” section?

Any appointments after May 1, 2022, should have current health care information. If you feel that some information is missing on the patient portal, please contact Health Information at 715-822-7200.

Why isn’t the patient portal showing my most recent visit?

In most cases, your records are updated immediately. However, in some situations, a three-business-day turnaround is necessary. Please allow all the information to be uploaded three business days after your visit. If you feel the information should be displayed, contact Health Information at 715-822-7200.

If you had an appointment prior to May 1, 2022, contact Health Information at 715-822-7200 to obtain prior medical records. To access CURRENT health care information, please click here for more details on our Patient Portal.

How can I access a family member’s medical records(Proxy Access)?

Our patient portal lets you view your child’s or another adult’s health information, and you can give another adult access to your medical records.

Proxy Form (Link)

Please download the proxy form, complete and return it to Cumberland Healthcare or fax it to 715-822-7151. Records for children cannot be accessed without a completed proxy form.