Emergency Medical Services


Since 1966, Cumberland Healthcare has been the Emergency Medical Services provider for the Cumberland area.

Today, Cumberland Healthcare Emergency Medical Services (EMS) serves five townships in northwest Barron County, along with portions of three townships in eastern Polk County, one township in southeastern Burnett County, and one township in southwestern Washburn County. The service area encompasses approximately 375 square miles and includes the City of Cumberland, the Villages of Turtle Lake, Almena, and Barronett, and areas of McKinley and Comstock.

Twenty-two full-time and reserve employees staff the ambulance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The staff comprises 8 Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and 13 Advanced EMTs. Some staff members hold paramedic, certified nursing assistant, registered nurse, firefighter, and instructor certifications.

In addition to emergency 911 telephone calls and inter-facility transports, Cumberland Healthcare’s Emergency Medical Staff provides standby services at sporting events, special events, school activities and community gatherings, as well as training focused on first aid and CPR.



For more information about Cumberland Healthcare Emergency Medical Services, contact Lee Huber, Director of Emergency Medical Services, at 715-822-7492.