Maple Ridge Pharmacy






Pharmacy Hours: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM Monday through Friday and 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Saturday. You may reach us by calling 715-822-7548. 

Maple Ridge Pharmacy is located inside Cumberland Healthcare at 1705 16th Avenue, just off Highway 48 toward Luck.

Community members will be able to fill their prescriptions, receive medication counseling, and have access to common over-the-counter products. In addition, Maple Ridge Pharmacy offers support to patients that include a medication synchronization program to fill all of a patient’s prescriptions at the same time each month, a meds-to-beds program for delivering hospitalized patients their discharge medications bedside before heading home, a text messaging service for patients to communicate with staff and receive notifications about completed prescriptions, and outpatient medication counseling.

While Maple Ridge Pharmacy shares the building with Cumberland Healthcare, it’s open and available to everyone, not just those who receive medical care through Cumberland Healthcare. 

A friendly reminder to bring your prescription insurance card and be prepared to provide intake information, such as any allergies and current medications. Setting up ahead of time will help the process go quicker if you need a prescription filled. 

Having an in-house pharmacy simplifies the process for patients and improves the continuity of care, which means increased patient satisfaction.  

The pharmacy hours are 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday and 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Saturday. You may reach us by calling 715-822-7548. Stop in and say hello to Jacob Jensen, Pharmacist! He is happy to help in any way.

Maple Ridge Pharmacy Fast Facts

Where is the Pharmacy?

Maple Ridge Pharmacy is located near the front entrance of Cumberland Healthcare.  The address is 1705 16th Avenue in Cumberland.  Take Highway 48 toward Luck; you will see signage to turn right for the facility.

Who Can Use the Pharmacy?

The pharmacy is open to everybody – not just Cumberland Healthcare patients.  It is true many of our prescriptions come to treat a patient right after their appointment inside the building, but it would be a mistake to think we can’t fill prescriptions for you if you see a provider in Amery, Barron, Rice Lake, Turtle Lake, or elsewhere.  We can, and we’d be happy to do so.  And if your pet has a prescription for a human drug, we can fill that, too.

How Can I Fill Prescriptions at the Pharmacy?

There are multiple ways to fill prescriptions at the pharmacy, all of which are easy.

Your healthcare provider can send new prescriptions electronically, fax prescriptions, or call them at 715-822-7548.

If you have prescriptions at another pharmacy, you won’t even need to contact your provider.  We can transfer orders from that pharmacy and fill them out here.  Feel free to call 715-822-7548 or come in to start this process.  We will need some basic information like your name, date of birth, pharmacy where your prescriptions were previously filled, what prescription numbers you need, and insurance information.  We can take care of the rest.

How Can I Refill Prescriptions

Once you have filled a prescription with us and need a refill, you can call 715-822-7548 and pick option 1 to leave your six-digit prescription number.  If you prefer to talk to a staff member, select option 0, and we can help.

For the tech-savvy among us, you may also download the RxLocal app on your smart device.  Select Maple Ridge Pharmacy as your pharmacy, and you can place refill requests through that platform.  Lastly, if you’ve selected to receive text notifications from us (which will let you know when your prescription is ready), you can communicate refill requests through text.

Visit our Rx Local Pharmacy page to find more information:

RxLocal is an app that can be downloaded on your phone or smart device. While the pharmacy can still offer text messaging to alert you when prescriptions are completed, this app offers additional capabilities.

RxLocal provides users the ability to manage their entire family’s medications, communicate with pharmacy staff members via a secure messaging system, order refills, and set personal medication reminders. It seems easier to set up an initial account from a desktop and then download the app on your phone. 

This app is free to download and use, and you are not required to use it. It is entirely up to you how much you use it, if at all, But it is an additional tool we offer that integrates with our pharmacy software.

The following information describes how to set up the app. There are useful tutorials contained at the following website: 

Thank you for checking out our pharmacy. We are here to help – please do not hesitate to ask any questions.

Visit the link below for an Rx Local Account. This account allows you to manage and order medication refills, set medication reminders, receive notifications about medication refills, and securely message our pharmacy staff through the Rx Local Web Page and Mobile App. Note: If you have an existing Rx Local Account from another pharmacy, you can use that same account and link it to Maple Ridge Pharmacy.

Rx Local Registration Instructions