Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

March 16, 2020   |  Written By Admin in The Latest

We keep hearing about “flattening the curve” and how “Safer at Home” will help. What flattening the curve means is slowing the spread of COVID-19 to reduce not only illness and deaths but to keep our health care functioning at optimal levels to know you can have the health care you need, when you need it. What does “Safer at Home” mean to you and for you?

Stay home whenever possible, if you must be out:
Practice excellent hand washing or hand sanitizer techniques. Maintain 6 feet between you and others. Practice good respiratory hygiene (coughing into your elbow).

Be outside – six feet from others, this can include walking, riding your bike and being in nature for exercise. Wisconsin parks are open, but the equipment in the parks and schools are not. Walk your pet(s). Kids/athletes, grab your soccer, basketball, tennis, and footballs. Keep up your training routines.

Avoid traveling from your community, even to your cabin or other vacation home or to visit family or friends. This includes “quarantining” for the weekend with others, sleepovers, and even small groups with neighbors or friends such as a card game. Have gatherings in other ways such as video chat to continue to have those special moments with your loved ones.

You may have health care appointments or other needs. One person to pick up prescriptions. Attend appointments alone or by telehealth if your provider allows.

Designate one household member to obtain needed household items & only one member of the family should go into the store at a time. Shop local or utilize grocery pickup options. Avoid going to another community for


COVID-19 (4) Coronavirus)

Cumberland Healthcare would like to thank our patients and the community for their support during this difficult and uncertain time. We continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation within the country and the state as well as changing recommendations. Cumberland Healthcare would like to remind everyone social distancing is a must to slow and stop the spread of COVID-19. We have taken measures within our facility to protect at-risk patients and employees to still provide needed services.

The Clinic is providing different waiting areas, rooms, and staff for the care of patients with non-infectious symptoms. To ensure we can provide this safety, we will call the night before your appointment to ensure you are not experiencing symptoms before your arrival. You will also be screened at the door for symptoms.

Patients who take blood thinners are typically high risk of complications related to COVID-19. We are now providing curbside INR checks for our Coumadin patients to eliminate the need for the patient to enter the building. Weather permitting, your results and consultation will be done at this time. If weather does not permit this, such as rain, we will provide further results and consultation by phone.

We understand media sources have reported on the lack of testing throughout Wisconsin, as well as the Nation. We can test through the State Lab of Hygiene, but we cannot test every person as this overloads these critical lab sites. The State of Wisconsin has provided testing guidelines and we must follow these guidelines for testing. The State Lab will allow the testing of patients who have been admitted to a healthcare facility, health care staff, and first responders, essential staff or residents of long-term care facilities, or other congregate settings (prisons or jails), with unexplained (influenza) respiratory symptoms AND a fever. We are currently not allowed to test anyone who qualifies for outpatient or home treatment of respiratory symptoms without a fever. We hope to have the ability to provide expanded testing in the near future.

As we comply with Governor Evers order for SAFER AT HOME and social distancing actions, we now offer the opportunity for patients to schedule a virtual or Telehealth visit by simply calling to make an appointment as you would previously. The appointment line is 715-822-7500, and request to see a provider virtually, and we will set up an appointment. You can use your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer with a camera to see your provider.

We are continuing to offer a triage line for respiratory symptoms to help determine your personal needs regarding evaluation or home isolation. If we experience a higher than normal call volume, you will be placed on hold for no more than 5 minutes and then transferred to a voicemail messaging system. Calls will be returned the same day if placed between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. Cumberland Healthcare patients can access the triage line by calling 715-822-7500. After 4:00 pm, your call will be directed to the emergency department. The triage line will guide and educate callers to the level of care they need based on mild, moderate, and severe symptoms including consideration of your medical history.

Remember to protect yourself and your family to practice social distancing, hand washing, cover your cough and sneezes, and stay safer at home.

April 1, 2020












































COVID-19 (3) Coronavirus

Effective Monday, March 23rd, to ensure patient and staff safety, we will lock down Cumberland Healthcare to only one entrance, the main entrance of all properties. If you are a rehabilitation patient, you will be able to enter through that door.

Patients & Visitors: All visitors, staff, and patients will have their temperature checked upon entry to the hospital/clinic. If you are a visitor, and have an elevated temperature greater than 100.0, you will be asked to leave the building. If you are a patient to be seen and your temperature is greater than 100.0, you will be masked and referred to the clinic triage nurse regardless of the service you are coming in for. The nurse will further screen before allowing the person to proceed to their appointment.  This will be done in Turtle Lake and outpatient rehab also.

Triage Phone Screenings:  On Monday, March 23rd, in light of social distancing, we will have a phone triage line to call if you are having respiratory symptoms for questions regarding COVID-19.  The phone triage line is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  If we experience a higher than normal call volume, you will be placed on hold for no more than 5 minutes and then transferred to a voicemail messaging system. Calls will be returned the same day if between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. Cumberland Healthcare patients can access the triage phone line by calling 715-822-7500.  After 4 pm, your call will be directed to the emergency department. The triage line will guide and educate callers to the level of care they need based on mild, moderate and severe symptoms, including consideration of their own past medical history whenever possible. 

Elective Surgeries: Effective Monday, March 23, Cumberland Healthcare will no longer be doing elective surgeries to preserve our supply of personal protective equipment (PPE). We will continue to provide urgent and emergent surgeries.

Cumberland Healthcare is dedicated to keeping our community safe and informed.  We will post updated information every week through the Cumberland Healthcare Facebook page and our website.  Thank you for your understanding.

March 25, 2020


COVID 19(2) (Coronavirus)

Cumberland Healthcare’s Visitation & Testing Response to COVID-19 Virus

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, manage Cumberland Healthcare resources, and protect staff and patients, Cumberland Healthcare is implementing a visitor restriction effective Wednesday, March 18th.

Patients receiving care in our Emergency Department, Surgery Center or Medical-Surgical unit will be allowed one consistent and designated visitor in the building during their stay.

Patients being seen in the Clinic, Physical Therapy, Sleep Center, Lab, Imaging, Wound, Infusion, Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab will be allowed one companion to their appointment.

Any visitor or companion must be in good health and may be asked to comply with screening and temperature monitoring.  Visitors or companions may be turned away if they are determined to be unwell.  No visitors or companions under the age of 16 will be allowed.  Visitors and companions will have limited access and movement through the facility.  These individuals will be asked to sign in at the front desk and will be given a name tag to wear while in the building.

The cafeteria will be closed to the public to protect those residents of Cumberland Care and Rehab.  We will continue to provide meals for patients and staff.

Entrances will be limited to the Emergency Department, the Main Hospital entrance, and the Rehabilitation Services entrance.

We encourage patients to utilize online bill pay options available on our website or pay by phone at 715-822-7500 and call ahead if medical records are urgently needed at 715-822-7150.

These restrictions will remain in place until further notice and will be continually reevaluated.  The most current information will be available on Facebook and

If you have questions about COVID-19, you can dial 211 and access the state of Wisconsin COVID-19 information line. 

Cumberland Healthcare can provide COVID-19 testing based on CDC recommendations.   Priority for testing of COVID-19 will include; persons in need of hospitalization, other chronic health concerns (lung disease, heart disease, older adults >60 years, immune suppression, diabetes, etc.) with a fever and respiratory symptoms, and healthcare workers.  Individuals who think they have been exposed and have no symptoms or mild symptoms are encouraged to stay home, drink plenty of fluids, rest, and take over the counter medications as needed for symptom management.  This illness is a virus, and antibiotics will not make you better faster.  Further, we recommend the following:

  • Avoid large gatherings.
  • Stay home when you are ill. 
  • Washing or using hand sanitizer on your hands regularly.
  • Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose, and mouth without prior hand washing.
  • Avoiding long-distance travel or travel to areas of a known spread.

Cumberland Healthcare is dedicated to keeping our community safe and informed.  We will post updated information every week through the Cumberland Healthcare Facebook page and our website.

Thank you for your understanding.

March 16, 2020

Cumberland Healthcare Keeping an Eye on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Jamie McCready, Infection Prevention RN, and Cumberland Healthcare Medical Staff announce its coronavirus preparedness.

Cumberland Healthcare has been keeping an eye on the world concern for coronavirus (COVID-19) over the last several weeks.  Internally we have made preparations in the event COVID-19 comes to our community.  These preparations have led us to make some changes in appointment making and triaging.  The changes we have made align with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Public Health recommendations to stop or minimize the spread of COVID-19.  You will see some of these changes such as making appointments and when you arrive.   You will be asked about your personal travel history particularly to areas COVID-19 is active and asked to mask if you have a cough, fever, or shortness of breath.  If you have a concern and you were exposed to COVID-19 due to travel or prolonged personal contact with an infected person please let us know while making an appointment or call before coming to the emergency department.  The risk to our area, as well as the US as a whole, is low.  You will hear about many planning efforts from the CDC, World Health Organization, and Public Health.  All efforts are to keep you safe and healthy.  We understand there is a lot of concern with all of the news reports circulating.  Most people who become infected with COVID-19 have a mild illness similar to a cold and recover without needing further care.  Recommendations from CDC and Public Health include continuing to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer and stay home while you are ill unless further health care is needed.  These are the same recommendations issued each year during the cold and flu season.  Cumberland Healthcare will continue to keep a keen eye on our risk and adjust plans as needed and as further recommendations become known.  We want to ensure you are receiving trusted information when seeking guidance for COVID-19, so please see the CDC website at

If you have further questions about our actions at Cumberland Healthcare please contact Jamie McCready, RN, BSN, Infection Prevention and Control Manager at 715-822-7182 or email

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